About i&i Prague

i&i Prague is accelerating the proof-of-concept stage of projects in the fields of Medtech, Diagnostics and Drug discovery. The company focuses on projects in discovery, pre-seed or seed phase; projects with excellent innovative potential, which will benefit from the project-launching experience and networking skills developed by IOCB Tech over the last decade. Furthermore, financial support provided by i&i Prague should significantly increase the appeal and value of a project for further licensees and/ or investors.

Our Mission

i&i Prague scouts and supports the growth through discovery, pre-seed or seed phase of the most promising projects with innovative potential in the fields of MedTech, Diagnostics and Drug Discovery from the Central Europe region.

Our objective

Our ambition is to become a leading partner and support agency advancing and promoting game-changing biotech inventions coming from the Central Europe region.

Our team

i&i Prague team is benefiting of know-how and experiences gathered in IOCB Tech within last decade. The team is developing a pool of highly potent biotech projects originating at academia and finding commercial patners for them.


Our partners