i&i Prague is joining Hello Tomorrow Ecosystem, a global community boosting deep technology-based start-ups

In mid-June 2018 a new partnership has been established between a Prague-based company focused on central and east European biotech start-ups in the early stage of development and a global organisation which gives a platform for deep technology-based start-ups all over the world, Hello Tomorrow.

i&i Prague has joined the Ecosystem Partners of Hello Tomorrow, which aims to connect current and future start-ups coming from the i&i Prague´s incubator to the global start-up scene and increase their visibility, e.g. by participating in the Global Challenge and other activities organized by Hello Tomorrow. Additionally, the collaboration will help Hello Tomorrow and its partners to connect and tap into unsuspected opportunities and projects in biotech and deep technologies originating in central and east Europe.

About i&i

i&i Prague, s.r.o., is a technology transfer organization that is scouting and supporting the growth of the most promising projects emanating from academic institutions from the CEE region, and helping to take them through the riskiest part of the journey to market. Benefitting from the know-how and project-management experience of IOCB Prague and IOCB TTO in concert with their financial support, i&i Prague is accelerating the proof-of-concept stage of projects in the field of Medtech, Diagnostics and Drug discovery. i&i Prague focuses on projects in discovery, pre-seed or seed phase; projects with excellent innovative potential that will benefit from the project-launching experience and networking skills developed by IOCB TTO over the last decade. Furthermore, financial support provided by i&i Prague should significantly increase the appeal and value of a project for further licensees or investors.

About Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow is a non-profit organisation bringing together a community of actors aiming to unlock the potential of deep technologies to solve the world’s toughest challenges. They source deeptech projects and startups and facilitate collaboration between entrepreneurs, industries and investors in order to propel innovation from the lab to the market. Hello Tomorrow organises startup competitions, mentorship programs and a series of events around the world, as well as educating and consulting relevant stakeholders on emergence of deep technologies. Hello Tomorrow is fast becoming a key reference platform in deeptech innovation and entrepreneurship.