Investment process

For academic partners

i&i Prague is actively scouting and supporting the growth of the most promising projects from academic institutions from around the Central Europe region then helping them through the riskiest and most difficult part of the journey to market. Benefitting from the know-how and project-management experience of IOCB Prague and IOCB TTO, we offer our support and expertise in concert with potential financial investment from IOCB-Gilead collaboration and other multiple sources empathetic to our goals. Combining both an accelerator and smart-money investment we can help you lead your project to a successful exit.

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For investors

Great ideas and significant innovations can originate anywhere! However, game-changing inventions are more likely to reach their potential when backed by original and excellent academic research. In Life Science, a long and complicated journey starts on the lab bench once the first results indicate a novel concept with market potential, and many obstacles will need to be overcome to reach the right market, whether it be with inventive technology or a molecular breakthrough. Recognition of truly inventive projects with real growth potential is a challenging and risky business. It requires an educated combination of experience and expertise from both research laboratories and the biotech market. It is this kind of know-how and hybrid skillset that is desperately missing in the Central Europe region.

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