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Project evaluation and investment

Selected projects will be subject to thorough evaluation including technical, marketing and business aspects. We will finalise a business plan in collaboration, and submit it to the i&i Prague Investment Board for approval.


Launching the project

Once approved, your project will be covered by an investment or collaborative agreement and will be run as either a spin-off company with defined co-ownership, or as a collaborative project with shared IP rights in defined ratio.


Project management

Each project will have an agreed action plan and a dedicated team led by a project manager. This team will be responsible for implementation and day-to-day management. Additionally, a nominated steering committee (or supervisory board) will be responsible for strategic decisions and dispute resolution.


Exit strategy

As the project progresses, the i&i Prague team will search for additional partners, licensees, customers or investors to ensure future development. Our strategy is to develop the project to be ready for acquisition or out-licensing, or to reach sufficient sales, within 3-5 years after signature of the agreement.

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