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year 2020

License for use of iBodies® to measure free testosterone in blood bought by Immunotech...
iBodies established cooperation with Ximbio, a TTO within the UK’s largest charity, Cancer Research UK
Prague startup RIOCATH had recently entered market with its world-unique catheter!
iBodies – synthetic antibodies from IOCB
DIANA Biotechnologies – technology that raised EUR 3M in 3 years
LAM-X a.s. is collaborating with TUL to develop active nanofilters against COVID-19
LAM-X: the newest spin-off company accelerated by i&i Prague in Czech Media
LAM-X: revolutionary wound-treating nanomaterials
Czech anti-covid19 #hackathon won by two i&i Prague accelerated projects
Enantis – first biotechnology spin-off company from Masaryk University in Brno
LAM-X – light-activated nanomaterials for face-masks and respirators
Elphogene: non-invasive screening of patients in advanced stages of cancer
DRACEN Pharmaceuticals – Novel glutamine antagonist as anticancer therapies
Nanofibers from Technical University of Liberec brings new hope in fight against Covid-19
Elphogene – liquid biopsy assay for non-invasive monitoring of patients with colorectal cancer
Elphogene Technology in World Journal of Gastroenterology!

years 2019 - 2018

i&i Prague became a shareholder in XENO Cell Innovations!
A novel method for early cancer diagnostics has been developed at University of Pardubice, and partnered with i&i Prague.
i&i Prague is joining Hello Tomorrow Ecosystem, a global community boosting deep technology-based start-ups
DIANA Biotechnologies, a novel startup in the i&i Prague´s academic incubator
i&i Prague co-invested Dracen Pharmaceuticals, a company developing a novel oncology treatment
Startup Riocath is among Hello Tomorrow’s top 500 stratups in the world
Novel partnership for iBodies has been facilitated by i&i Prague and IOCB Tech managers
i&i Prague successfully mediated an out-licensing of antibodies from the Institute of Molecular Genetics (IMG)
Revolutionary type of catheter raised €2 million from private investors
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