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Elphogene: non-invasive screening of patients in advanced stages of cancer

Elphogene s.r.o. is a Czech spin-off company that succeeds decades of intensive research performed at Genomac research centre as well as thanks to collaborations with leading oncology centres. Using their technology oncoMonitor™ – a diagnostic tool based on so-called liquid biopsy – Elphogene brings a non-invasive screening of patients in advanced stages colorectal cancer. Biggest advantages of oncoMonitor™ technology are its speed and accuracy in diagnosing possible relaps of the tumor growth after a successful surgery.

Elphogene s.r.o. has received an initial investment from i&i Prague in order to implement its oncoMonitor™ for a diagnostic monitoring screening of ctDNA in peripheral blood of patients in advanced stages of cancer. The company has been founded at the beginning of 2019 as a spin-off from the Genomac Research Institute, a leading Czech private research center widely recognized for its strong record of scientific projects in clinical cancer genomics.

The purpose of the oncoMonitor™ test is a follow-up of patients in advanced stages of cancer for early detection of newly arising metastatic lesions. The technology is capable of capturing ctDNA in up to 88% of patients with advanced colorectal cancer with the presence of liver metastases which is more accurate  and lacking the negative impact on health (such as radioactive doses) than current approaches (ultrasonography, magnetic resonance, and especially X-ray examination and computed tomography – CT).

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