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i&i Prague became a shareholder in the spin-off XENO Cell Innovations!

XENO Cell Innovations is a young, progressing company based in Pilsen, Czech Republic. It is focused mostly on bio-computing – capturing complex biological system in images, combining creative microscopy with a little narration and a lot of imagination to make more visible the amazing potential of computing in liquid media.

Their technology is able to link up to biological objects generating a coherent intelligible interface. It self-assembles into computational clusters and processes information locally within these clusters. Rather than relying on brute-force screening, the linked biological sample reports on itself. Categorically, a cluster is a physically connected network made up of genetically engineered yeast, linkers, enzymes, and other chemical modifiers. Clusters are not prefabricated. They self-assemble around objects with specific immunological profiles. By fusing different fluorescent labels to different yeast strains, the makeup of a cluster can in part be made visible.

We, the i&i Prague, had this great opportunity to offer our services to this project and helped its creators reach their goal. Now, with the company established, we became a proud shareholder!

The motto of XENO Cell Innovations is: „Many foundational problems in diagnostics and bioengineering are solvable if biology could just do more of the work. But current biotech isn’t smart enough. We are interested in changing the status quo by systematizing biologic units and constructing modular composition rules“.To find out more about this growing company, SEARCH:

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