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Jana Žaludová Cluster, CEO

Jana Žaludová is a Director for Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at i&i Prague, in the Czech Republic. She graduated in Regional Policy and Public Administration and Andragogy with a focus on Human Resource Management, she graduate from educational programs focused on technology transfer. Her CIMA (marketing) studies were used for Jana B2B activities in a global organization, for a better understanding of industrial market needs and the creation of new business opportunities.

2023 Jana graduated with Executive Master - International Relations and Global politics, from a Faculty of Political Sciences in Geneva. It was a big opportunity to study a program focused on diplomacy, world economy, politics, international relations, the history of conflicts, and consequences and the chance to meet past and current leaders, prime ministers, and presidents from European and African countries. 

Her activities are focused on transferring technologies to business, building bridges between academics and business, especially in BioTech, and MedTech, starting up new projects, overcoming obstacles and looking at solutions from various points of view. Jana´s current project is setting up a regional BioTech cluster in Prague, big challenge is to use all her experience from the start-up scene, SM´s, international companies, public administration, politics, and academic field during her not finished PhD study in Information and Knowledge Management.

As an Innovation system architect in past, Jana was responsible for establishing the regional innovation centre, developing the innovation ecosystem and support system for the biomedicine sector, setting up tools to support the economic development of the region, start-ups and growing companies, and cooperation with universities and research institutions. She built the networks for supporting new ideas, Innovation and R&D projects, finding ways how to increase the innovative potential of companies and make the region more economically independent and perspective. 

Jana likes working with people. Most areas, in which she was involved, HR, marketing, project management, or non-profit social organizations, are connected with communication, which she considers to be her strength. To win people over and fill them with enthusiasm is a big part of collective success in her view.

Jana Žaludová
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