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i&i Prague

Bio-Innovation Center

We are the first choice partner and the leading institution for the best early-phase biotech innovations and smart money investments.

We are i&i Prague, a bio-innovation center located right in the heart of Europe. Our objective is to identify the potential of new inventions in Drug Discovery, Diagnostics, MedTech and other Life Science fields. We do this by scouting for innovative projects and investing in the most promising ones. Then we will help with product development and, ultimately, market entry.

We can help you with


With our investment, we try to help innovative ideas in their transition from research projects to functional companies. 



We are creating a unique network of partners that brings a long-term exchange of innovative ideas and original experiences. 



We are your new team member, leading your journey from groundbreaking invention to market-storming product.

Chemická práce


We offer exciting educational activities that introduce important topics connecting the worlds of science and business. 

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Our role

Our portfolio

We focus on unique ideas that have the potential to succeed on a global scale. We are dedicated to innovations in Drug Discovery, Diagnostics, MedTech and other Life Science fields that originate from academic institutions.

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i&i Biotech Fund I

In 2021, we established the i&i Biotech Fund in cooperation with the European Investment Fund. It is the venture capital firm that invests in innovative European Life Sciences companies focused on Drug Discovery, Diagnostics, MedTech and other Life Science fields.

Feb 7, 2023

New startup in our portfolio: Sophomer's technology will make immunoassays faster, easier and cheaper

The academic startup Sophomer today announced the signing of a licensing agreement to commercialize a technology that can replace the traditionally used bovine serum albumin (BSA) in immunoassays. The newly licensed technology has been developed in collaboration between the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the CAS (IMC), Elisa Development and the bio-innovation center i&i Prague. ...


Feb 6, 2022

Czech liquid biopsy startup Elphogene comes under full control of one of the founders

Czech biotechnology start-up Elphogene who pioneered cancer monitoring through its liquid biopsy technology has announced a change in its shareholder structure. The new and sole owner is now Marek Minarik, one of the two original founders of the company. In the portfolio of the bio-innovation centre i&i Prague, Elphogene was one of the oldest startups. Now our mission is over.

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Dec 23, 2022

We are looking for new Antonin Holy and new drugs and diagnostics that can have a global impact and success

"i&i Bio invests in technology transfer with a strong focus on healthcare. We look for unique technologies that come from Czech and foreign science. We always try to find something new and unique, something that could bring great benefit to patients and also to our investors," says Jaromír Zahrádka for The podcast is in the Czech language.

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i&i Prague in numbers


We have created or otherwise supported 15 spin-off companies from 5 countries.


We have an equity stake in 8 spin-offs. We have already announced 2 exits.


Overall, the spin-offs in our portfolio have raised more than CZK 1.8 billion from other investors.


We have participatedin the sale of more than 10 licenses with a value exceeding CZK 5 million.

Our partners

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