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Elphogene, s.r.o. received a TA CR grant for “Sample prep system and technology for cancer testing by liquid biopsy”!

Elphogene, s.r.o., an i&i Prague supported start-up, just received grant from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (referred to as the “TA CR“) for the project “Sample prep system and technology for cancer testing by liquid biopsy”. Congratulations!

Prague, September 10, 2020 – Elphogene, s.r.o. in cooperation with Thomayer Hospital and the Institute of Analytical Chemistry of the CAS, v. v. i. (IAC) received a grant from the TA CR within the Program for the Support of Industrial Research and Experimental Development TREND. The aim of the 4-year project is the development of new methods and technological procedures for the diagnosis of cancer, based on liquid biopsy – a non-invasive testing for the presence of a tumor in a patient’s body.

“Receiving financial support for our project will allow us to continue adapting and further developing our oncoMonitor™ technology test, which we currently provide to cancer patients to monitor treatment and early detection of disease recurrence.“ says Marek Minarik, principal investigator of the project, Co-Founder and CEO of Elphogene. The newly developed methodology will be universally applicable in the sample preparation process and compatible with the current most commonly used methods for liquid biopsy. The ultimate result will be an increase in the analytical sensitivity of the test, which will enable the extension of clinical utility. The project, which represents a unique involvement of the three different types of entities – a commercial start-up, a research academic institution, and a top medical facility, thus has a social dimension as well.

“The development of a new version of the test, carried out as part of the supported project, aims at a possibility of using a liquid biopsy in earlier stages of cancer, or even for the diagnosis in asymptomatic individuals. This, in turn, can contribute not only to reducing mortality and improving patient health care but also soften the economic impact due to reducing the overall cost of the health care in relation to this highly serious disease.” says Tomas Buchler, Head of the Department of Oncology of the First Medical Faculty of Charles University and Thomayer Hospital. The project will also be the first where Thomayer Hospital participates in a research and development leading to the commercialization of a service or product with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Without the direct involvement of this Comprehensive Oncology Center, it would not be possible to perform clinical validations that are key to the planned outcomes.

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