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LAM-X a.s. is collaborating with TUL to develop active nanofilters against COVID-19

During COVID-19 crisis we embrace our startups to answer current questions and solve present problems. Our the most recently established startup – LAM-X, a.s. – is not an exception. LAM-X a.s., a technological spin-off of the Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences, joined forces with the Technical University of Liberec (TUL) in the fight against COVID-19. Their common goal is to develop active nanofilters that not only capture but also actively remove viral particles. The nanofilters will be useful as part of face masks and respirators.

In response to the current situation, the LAM-X adapted its R&D strategy and began developing self-sterilizing filters usable as “active layers” of face masks and respirators. To increase production capacity, LAM-X, an academic spin-off, started cooperation with the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation of the Technical University of Liberec. This institute is known for its excellent expertise in the production of nanomaterials.

“Cooperation with the academic environment is and will undoubtedly be very important for our company. After all, the LAM-X proprietary technology is based on many years of research by the academic group of Associate Professor Jiří Mosinger from the Faculty of Science of the Charles University,” said Dr. Chaloupka, the CEO of the company.“We believe that by starting cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec, the technology will be prepared faster for the industrial production”, mentioned Dr. Barbora Šumová, the board member representing company’s financial investor i&i Prague s.r.o She added: “Currently, there are almost no nanotechnologies that would offer active elimination of viral particles and those existing differ greatly in their effectiveness. To ensure high quality and smooth certification process, we therefore want to first thoroughly test our material in cooperation with the academic and private sectors.”

The use of LAM-X nanofilters offers additional added value. The amount of healthcare waste produced during this crisis will represent a significant economic and environmental burden on society. LAM-X self-sterilizing nanomaterials, that are intended for reuse, could at least partially alleviate this undesirable situation.

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