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Prague startup RIOCATH had recently entered market with its world-unique catheter!

RIOCATH Global, a company established in collaboration with IOCB Tech, has developed a revolutionary type of catheter based on world-unique technology applicable for all tubular medical devices. Since its birth in 2014, the Riocath team has been cooperating with the IOCB Prague Development Center ( The company is financed by private investors who already invested more multiple millions EUR in the invention development. i&i Prague is among shareholders and supports the Riocath team in its business development activities, IPR protection and partnering.

One of the first clinically significant applications of the RIOCATH technology is Rectal tube RIOCATH  ( for babies which entered a market in late 2019. Furthermore, the new urinary catheter based on the RIOCATH design and principle should enter market soon. The RIOCATH design can greatly reduce the risk of introducing infection into the body as well as the trauma of sensitive tissues, mainly faced by patients who use these devices repeatedly.

The double-skinned RIOCATH catheters application ensure, that the casing of the catheter does not move through the inside (such as the urethra) as is common with all other catheters, but the outer casing of the catheter is unpacked at the top of the catheter and gradually lengthens the wall around the perimeter. This principle prevents damages and insertion of infection in the patient body.

To learn more about this company: Riocath website.

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