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David Stíbal

Vice Director

David Stíbal is the Vice Director at i&i Prague. He holds BSc and MSc degrees from UCT Prague, Czech Republic, and a Ph.D. from the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. After his doctorate studies, David worked as a PostDoc at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prior to joining our company, David worked in Lach-Ner s.r.o. as a research scientist, developing modular catalytic systems. His international scientific experience has allowed him to develop a detail-oriented approach to projects from various fields, spanning organic and inorganic chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, bioinorganic chemistry, and biochemistry.

At i&i Prague, David has been focusing on biotechnology evaluations, intellectual property rights, and start-up formation. He will therefore be happy to help assess the scientific background of your project, offer advice during the start-up set-up and early management, and assist in the long-term project development all the way to the successful commercialization.

David Stíbal
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